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Re: Re: Re: More Yaboot

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 05:46:05PM -0700, Sam Powers wrote:

> hmm, when running ybin with nonvram commented out, i get:
> ybin: Warning: Incompatible version of `nvsetenv', nvram will not be updated

hmm, maybe dan didn't include `unstable' in the powerpc-utils

install the powerpc-utils package from potato-proposed-updates, that
will fix this problem.

> No thanks. :)


> Just tried changing yaboot.conf as you suggested.. since it can't do the
> nvsetenv, i figure i've gotta boot into of to change the variable.. after
> changing the conf (removed ofboot), i did ybin then mkofboot -v, is that the
> right order? the of session looked something like this:

thats redundant ;-)  mkofboot and ybin do EXACTLY the same thing
EXCEPT, mkofboot erases and creates a new HFS filesystem first.  you
only really need to run mkofboot once, then ybin from there on after.
for a dedicated bootstrap partition your certainly free to run
mkofboot every time instead of ybin though.  

> 0 > setenv boot-device hd:7,\\:tbxi   ok
> 0 > boot  can't OPEN: hd:7,\\:tbxi

this is strange.  

can you run:

hmount /dev/hda7
hls -la
hcopy :ofboot.b /tmp

and mail me /tmp/ofboot.b (privately, no need to spam the list with
such a large file) i want to make sure its being generated properly.

>  ok
> 0 > set-defaults ok
> 0 > boot hd:7,\\yaboot
> [kicked into macos]

now this is REALLY wierd here, macos should never boot when your
mucking around in the OF prompt.  have you tried 

boot hd:7,yaboot  instead?  

also try:

boot hd:7,ofboot.b


dir hd:7

the only other thing i can think of is hd: is not the right alias, but
does not seem likely.. do a printenv boot-device after that
set-defaults and tell me what  it is (should be hd:,\\:tbxi)

> Man, how I wish we just had a plain boot sector, and a nice working version of
> grub!

so do i...  

Ethan Benson

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