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Re: iMac DV/iBook Firewire install follow-up

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 07:10:50AM -0700, David Brown wrote:

> I think it is apple's attempt to make things look like there is no OF, and
> the computer just boots MacOS.  If you press CMD-OPT-OF and then type boot,
> the output comes out.

yup, that is exactly what they are doing, they seem to be disabling
terminal output.  if we can find the right way to reinstall the
console then everything will work again, but it seems the standard OF
command `install-console' does something different on macs...

> Have you tried changing the boot command to boot rather than mac-boot.
> boot might allow the screen output to come out.

i would like to see if that works on his machine.

on my machine it makes no difference, i can see text i write directly
into the framebuffer but i cannot see text i write to the OF
equivilent of stdout.  but if i boot into OF first then boot my script
i can see text written to stdout.   so it would appear that apple
installs part of the console but not all of it unless you enter the OF
prompt.  (if the entire console was disabled then you would not be
able to type anything into my menu or yaboot.)

> > i am getting VERY tempted to disable the mac-boot command altogether
> > but 1) that is not a great solution and 2) it still may not solve all
> > the problems.  
> Would it hurt to have boot be the normal boot command, and then is MacOS is
> selected, then run mac-boot?

actually my dual bootscript already uses the `boot' command to load
macos, there is nothing special about mac-boot in regards to booting
macos.  all mac-boot does is emulate the oldworld behavior of
searching for bootable partitions and disks, and checking for the `c'
key being held down along with most of the other obscure key
incantations old machines had.  

i dissasembled the mac-boot command and read through all its
functions, there is one place on my machine where it appears to
disable text echo, but my attempt to turn it back on did not seem two

now that i change the console colors myself the only difference users
would see if i quietly changed the boot-command is if for some reason
booting from the bootstrap partition fail they would be dropped into
OF.  and tricks like holding down the c key would no longer work.
(option key trick would probably be broken too) mac-boot quietly
starts looking for other partitions/disks/network to boot from if any
boot attempt fails.

breaking the option key and `c' key tricks is not very nice IMO so i
would rather find a way to renable the full console rather then just
end run around mac-boot.  (it would REALLY help if apple would
PROPERLY document thier OF implementation)

Ethan Benson

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