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Re: rtl8319

On Sun, Oct 08, 2000 at 09:39:49AM +0100, Paul Talacko wrote:
> I've got a cheap NIC that I would like to put in my ppc mac.  It is based
> on the rtl8319 chip from RealTek.  There are Linux drivers and these are
> in the kernel source tree as rtl8319.c.  However, it won't compile.  Has
> anyone got one working on a ppc?  I know they work on i386's and if I
> can't get it to work I'll bung it in my i386 box.  If I really, really
> can't get it working are there any NICs that people would recommend?

Are you sure you don't mean 8139?

Seems to **me** they fall into the category of "not worth the hassle" even
on i86, since they don't always seem to compile out of the box with 
make menuconfig even there.

After 3 years of experience with linux pmac I'd suggest de4x5, cards with
generic tulip chips.  Maybe I'm just stuck in the ways, though.


> Cheers....Paul
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