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can't play mp3s


I just completed a debian install on a Rev D iMac.  Everything has gone 
along swimmingly, except that I discovered that I cannot play mp3s.  Xmms 
gives me:

Couldn't open audio

Please check that:

1. You have the correct plugin selected
2. No other programs is blocking the soundcard
3. Your soundcard is configured properly

The command line gives me:

** WARNING **: oss_open(): Failed to open audio device (/dev/dsp): No such 

Trying it with mp3blaster gives me:

Failed to open sound device.

I'm really perplexed by this one.  /dev/dsp has 666 permissions, I added
myself to the audio group, and I can play CD's just fine with gtcd or grip.
I am using xmms 1.2.3 with the OSS Driver selected.  Does anyone have any


Shad Gregory

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