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Mouse not working [was: Re: problem booting from sda...]

On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> That would be an ADB mouse. Additional mouse buttons can be emulated by
> keys using the adb_buttons=1,x,y kernel option (x and y being the keycodes
> for the emulation keys). 

adb_buttons=1 is not working. I put it in append line in quik.conf. My
mouse has "Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II" written below it, has 4 pins, only
one button and fits into the keyboard and works in MacOS. 

I've tried protocols BusMouse, PS/2, IMPS/2 and devices adb,
adbmouse, nvram, psaux, usbmouse and none are working. 

gpm-mouse-test says the possible types might be:
adbmouse, nvram, ttyS0, ttyS1, usbmouse
and for adbmouse, ps2, imps2, usbmouse it reports baudrate 9600 and below
even if mouse is not clicked (it becomes lesser with each keypress).

relevant parts of the dmesg output are given below

> Up to BenH's 2.2.17-pre series, /dev/adbmouse was used for ADB mice, with
> the protocol set to BusMouse. Recently, mouse data have been switched to 
> /dev/input/mice with IMPS/2 procotol, see the description on BenH's web
> page on how to set up devices and mouse button there.

Where can I find BenH's pages?

It's not that I can't do without a mouse (considering that I'll configure
the machine as a server) but it'll certainly help. And also I'm new to
Mac, and relatively new to Debian so I do want to set up a working X on a
Mac monitor.


--------------dmesg | less ----------------

PCI: Probing PCI hardware
adb devices: [2]: 2 2

OHCI USB Driver loading
usbcore: Registered new driver mouse
USB HID boot protocol mouse driver registered.
usbcore: Registered new driver keyboard
usbcore: Registered new driver hub

ADB keyboard at 2, handler set to 3

Macintosh ADB mouse driver installed.


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