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Re: problem booting from sda during installation


A huge lot of thanks to you and all those who helped me out of this.
Everything is working fine now so you might as well add Workgroup
Server 8550/200 to the Debian Potato success list.

I have been able to make a swap and var partition and machine is rebooting
fine (an unhealthy way to test a machine, really). After installation and
booting from hard disk step (to get a premade quik.conf) I followed
Ethan's words to the core. I got the 'ofpath' script and ran it:

./ofpath /dev/sda
then i did

chroot /target
nvsetenv boot-device /bandit/gc/mesh/sd@0:0

then I ran quik (not working without this step):
quik -v -f -C /etc/quik.conf
with image pointing to actual kernel.

then exit and reboot

At startup first time I get the starting music twice, thereafter only
once. It takes a little while to start up after the music (about 5 to 10
sec) (that's how I learnt to be patient to achieve a good thing) and
eventually darkness disappears and the penguin shows the light.

It's working great and right now I'm struggling with X configuration. 
Mouse is not working. My mouse fits into the keyboard and has 4 pins. 
XF86Config has entries BusMouse and /dev/adbmouse . X reports that it is
providing value of 3 button mouse. below the single button mouse is
written "Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II, family No M2706".  XF86Setup or
xf86config do not seem to be on my system (Probably I have to build the
second CD iso image). i'm thinking of giving 'alien' a try (last time I
used it I had a nightmare, but this is a fresh system ;-) i'll wake up
early tomorrow (after a few hours) and give the next Mac a try. That one's
a 8600 which should also work. 

I cannot thank you enough for your help. I'm not a seasoned Debian user
but I'm trying to migrate from RedHat/SuSE to Debian/GNU/Slackware and
this is the first time I'm on a Debian list. Thank you very much for your
support. i think I'm beginning to understand what makes Debian the best.

Thanking you,

On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:

> you want to use 
> /bandit/gc/mesh/sd@0:2
> or the more common method:
> /bandit/gc/mesh/sd@0:0
> the partition 0 trick makes OF load the boot block from the partition
> marked bootable, which is your root partition, so it really should not
> make any difference

> one other thing, you will probably need to use at least the final
> 2.2.17 kernel (from ftp.kernel.org) the debian kernels are older and
> may not work.  

> also, make sure in your quik.conf that your image= line points to a
> real kernel and not a symlink, for some reason quik does not work
> reliably with symlinks.
> -- 
> Ethan Benson
> http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/

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