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Re: problem booting from sda during installation

> It's working great and right now I'm struggling with X configuration. 
> Mouse is not working. My mouse fits into the keyboard and has 4 pins. 

That would be an ADB mouse. Additional mouse buttons can be emulated by
keys using the adb_buttons=1,x,y kernel option (x and y being the keycodes
for the emulation keys). 

> XF86Config has entries BusMouse and /dev/adbmouse . X reports that it is

Up to BenH's 2.2.17-pre series, /dev/adbmouse was used for ADB mice, with
the protocol set to BusMouse. Recently, mouse data have been switched to 
/dev/input/mice with IMPS/2 procotol, see the description on BenH's web
page on how to set up devices and mouse button there.


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