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Re: problem booting from sda during installation

On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 11:45:59AM -0700, Indraneel Majumdar wrote:
> Hi,
> Some terrible seems to have happened. I tried this:
> nvsetenv boot-device sd:2

yeah that is not correct, only Newworlds have nice aliases like that
(and only for ATA) 

the 7200 uses scsi/@sd:2:0

i am not entire sure what the 8550 is, like i said, try ofpath it may
already support that machine.

otherwise you have to look around /proc/device-tree/aliases/ and whatnot.

> it was: 
> boot-device	/AAPL,ROM 
> earlier
> Now on powering up the system I get nothing on the screen, no grey screen,
> and it doesn't boot from floppy or Mac CD either. What do I do? Have I
> changed some setting in the BIOS? Is there any motherboard jumper setting
> to get back to original state?

hold down

command option p r 

while COLD booting the machine

> I have no idea about OpenFirmware (I'm running a Mac for the first time
> in my life). On x86 I hit del or F2, is there something like that on the
> Mac? Also there is no ofboot program with ybin. There is a mkofboot but
> the docs said it was for NewWorld Macs.

ofpath not ofboot.  all of ybin is newworld only except the ofpath
utility.  if your looking at the ybin debian package you would have to
get the newwer debs out of proposed-updates, or the tarball on my web
page, the only part you need to extract is the ofpath utility

you can enter the OpenFirmware console but on those machines you
usually have to connect a serial terminal to do so, some of them have
a video driver and some don't in any event you at least have to change
the input and output devices to the keyboard and monitor.  

if you want to attempt to enter the OF console without a serial
terminal run the following commands from linux:

nvsetenv input-device keyboard
nvsetenv output-device screen

then boot while holding down 

command option o f

Ethan Benson

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