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Re: problem booting from sda during installation


Some terrible seems to have happened. I tried this:

nvsetenv boot-device sd:2

it was: 
boot-device	/AAPL,ROM 

Now on powering up the system I get nothing on the screen, no grey screen,
and it doesn't boot from floppy or Mac CD either. What do I do? Have I
changed some setting in the BIOS? Is there any motherboard jumper setting
to get back to original state?

I have no idea about OpenFirmware (I'm running a Mac for the first time
in my life). On x86 I hit del or F2, is there something like that on the
Mac? Also there is no ofboot program with ybin. There is a mkofboot but
the docs said it was for NewWorld Macs.

Please help, waiting anxiously,

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:

> yes you need to fix OF first, you do this by running 
> nvsetenv boot-device <path>
> where <path> is the OpenFirmware path to the disk.  the ofpath utility
> included with recent ybin distributions has some support for oldworld
> macs, i don't think its been tested on an 8550 however.  
> i am sure all you need to do is reconfigure OpenFirmware.  this is not
> done automatically unfortunatly.  (though now it could on some
> machines using ofpath)
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