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Re: Xpmac etc.

On Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 08:27:58PM +0100, Paul Talacko wrote:
> I went and got Xpmac.  It works!  Well sort of.  My mouse freezes in X,
> but it works fine in gpm.  There is an older thread somewhere here saying
> that new kernels don't support adb mice.  How come it works in gpm then? I
> don't know where to begin to look for a fix for this - there is not a lot
> of documentation on Xpmac.
> I have /dev/mouse pointing to /dev/adbmouse, btw.
 I don't know if that helps (i don't have powermac) but on Intel boxes it
helps when You 
make /dev/mouse point to /dev/gpm-data
put /dev/gpm-data in place of /dev/mouse in Xpmac config
In both cases You might need to fiddle with mouse protocol settings

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