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Re: X on a Bull Estrella


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>From: Xavier Saint-Jalmes <xavier.saint-jalmes@infini.fr> 
on " X on a Bull Estrella "
date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 21:56:24 +0200 >>>

>I'm new to this list, then, if I make a mistake, tell me :)
>I'm trying to setup X on a Bull Estrella.
>The boot message tell :
>  Setting PCI interrupts for a "Blackhawk (Powerstack)"
>The motherboard come from Motorola.
>The video chip is a CLDG 5434.
>I've seen a thread on the archives that tell to build the
>framebuffer : clgen. I don't find how to compile it.
>The video drivers are present in the kernel tree, but there
>is no options to select him in "make config"
>My kernel is a 2.2.17 patch with kernel-patch-2.2.17-powerpc.

clgenfb is out of support PowerPC now?

>I tried to setup xserver-ggi but, when I get the package :
>libggi-target-svgalib I get a broken dependencies with libggi2.

Xbh(X for BlackHawk) is the Xserver for you.
You can get it from some linuxppc.org mirrors, and install the RPM 
with "alien".
And it is better for Xbh to upgrade VRAM on board socket to use.

>I get the source of libggi to build the binaries packages but it
>needs libncurses4-dev who's not present in the distribution.

For more informations, please visit my page.
http://penguinppc.org/~aoshimak/ (mirror)

Best regards.
Kaz Aoshima = Editor of the PReP station
Material development, Faculty of engineering, 
Tohoku University, Japan
#I would appreciate if you could give me suggestions
 for my impolite English expressions.

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