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X on a Bull Estrella


I'm new to this list, then, if I make a mistake, tell me :)

I'm trying to setup X on a Bull Estrella.
The boot message tell :
  Setting PCI interrupts for a "Blackhawk (Powerstack)"
The motherboard come from Motorola.
The video chip is a CLDG 5434.

I've seen a thread on the archives that tell to build the
framebuffer : clgen. I don't find how to compile it.
The video drivers are present in the kernel tree, but there
is no options to select him in "make config"
My kernel is a 2.2.17 patch with kernel-patch-2.2.17-powerpc.

I tried to setup xserver-ggi but, when I get the package :
libggi-target-svgalib I get a broken dependencies with libggi2.

I get the source of libggi to build the binaries packages but it
needs libncurses4-dev who's not present in the distribution.

I'm lost, help me please ;)

I've a strange message in my logs :
  Boguns interrupt from PC = c0009a00
what's that ?

Thanks for your help.

S'ils essayent de me presser, je réponds toujours que
je n'ai qu'une autre vitesse, et elle est moins rapide.

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