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Re: Xpmac etc.

> I went and got Xpmac.  It works!  Well sort of.  My mouse freezes in X,
> but it works fine in gpm.  There is an older thread somewhere here saying
> that new kernels don't support adb mice.  How come it works in gpm then? I
> don't know where to begin to look for a fix for this - there is not a lot
> of documentation on Xpmac.

It's not that the mouse is not support, its that the way that the kernel
uses to talk to other programs to tell them what the mouse is doing has
changed, and gpm understands the new way but Xpmac doesn't.

Apparently there is a kernel option you can turn on when compiling that
preserves Xpmac compatibility.

For myself, I'm sticking with an older kernel for now, to avoid hassle.

> I've also checked out Ben H's page on kernels, and there is something
> there about adb mice not working without some work around.  However, I
> don't think this is my problem because my mouse works in gpm

No, they do work in GPM, just not in X.

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