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Re: exim 3.16-3.1 and 3.16-4 (and libc6 2.1.3-13)

 Hi Robert,

 I am using libc6 2.1.3-10, that also seems the only one available
 for woody, together with exim 3.16-3.1 and I am reporting no
 problems so far. Where did you get libc6 2.1.94 from? The c libs
 are the most delicate thing to compile by yourself, and I would
 recommend to stick with 2.1.3-10.


Robert Ramiega wrote:

> Just a quick note:
> Yestradys night i've upgraded my system. I saw that there is exim-3.16_3.1
>(and thou i knew it was there to fix incompatibilites with libc 2.1.94 i
>didn't expect it to break). This was a BIG mistake. I ended up without MTA
>for more that 15 hours (exim seg faulted when trying to enter daemon mode). I
>recompiled both 3.1 and 4 package fro sources to no avail. After some
>twidling i got my ystem to accept messages (exim was running from inetd) but
>couldn't sent messages out (exim -q crashed with signal 11).
> Thankfully i found some lagged debian mirror that stil had exim-3.16_3.deb 
> I  just wonder how did exim-3.16_3.1.deb slip out? Was it compiled against
>libc6 2.1.94? Or libc6 2.1.3? (to say it loud and clear: i don;t blame anyone
>for my problems! I should hold exim since i knew it was meant for libc6
>package that is not available for ppc at that moment; i'm just curious =o))
>(is the build daemon running again?)

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