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Anyone have potato running on a G3Powerbook (Lombard"gold")?

I'm not sure if the XF86Config file is my problem or I'm passing incorrect
kernel arguments to BOOTX.

My BOOTX arguments
	video=atyfb:vmode:14,cmode:32mclk:90 hda=autotune

And the response to startx

(**) FBDev:  Using default frame buffer video mode
(--) FBDev:  Frame buffer device: )Ffb ATY,264LTP
(--) FBDev:  Video memory: 3072K @ 0x81801000
(--) FBDev:  MMIO regs: 0K 2 (nil)
(--) FBDev:  Type 0 type_auyx 0 bits_per_pixel 32
(--) FBDev:  Hardware accelerator:  None
(--) FBDev:  No driver support for hardware acceleraton
bpp=32, depth = 32, BitsPerRBG =8
(--) FBDev:  Using cfb32 driver

waiting for X server to shut down Caught signal 11.

Server aborting ...

thanks for any help

tom				| "When we are born we cry that we have
tommyr@agora.rdrop.com		|  come to this great stage of fools!"
				|                  W. Shakespeare

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