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Re: [just joined ] is it possible to boot Debian without MacOS?

Hi Philip(pe? :-),

Thanks for your reply!

>I think the answer to your question is yes, and that's exactly what I'm
>trying to do myself right now. 
>Let's keep in touch! 

I am glad to know that I am not the only one! But I still don't have a powermac! :-( I have an old LC630 I wanted to run
linux on, but since I found out that I wouldn't be able to run linux on it *without* a version of MacOS installed I decided
that I might as well buy a really cheap Powermac (no screen/keyboard/mouse/etc) if that would allow me to use it without
installing MacOS... 

I know that linuxppc2000 boots without needing MacOS, but it seems it is a sort of "redhat clone" (on my Thinkpad I run Slackware
7), so I guessed I might give Debian a try.

But have you received answers from the developers/gurus on this? Are they still working on it or is it already supposed to
work if we try really hard? :-)

Let me know!



>someone tells me
>there's a list specially for Debian Mac.
>to get to open firmware, just start your computer holding down all four of
>command-option-o-f keys down. Yesterday, I didn't know what open firmware 
>was :)

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