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How I got Debian running on my P43-133

Just a little heads-up notice to the bootdisk people:

My IBM P43-133 _requires_ the Carolina patch found at
http://www.amberdata.demon.co.uk/carolina/carolina.diff.gz to boot properly.
If the kernel isn't patched, as the Debian kernel isn't, the kernel floods
the display with SCSI timeouts and never boots.
Other than that, my machine also requires the E15 framebuffer enabled,
if it runs in 80x25, the display will fade in and out continously.

My workaround was to stick a linuxppc kernel on a floppy and boot that,
and the use the debian boot disks to boot the rest of the setup.
It took a while, but now it's there.

I might open up developer access to that box when I get more disk in it,
if it is interesting? (It's a 132MHz PPC and 192MB RAM)

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards
  Andreas Plesner Jacobsen (System Administrator) / World Online Denmark A/S
  Peter Bangs Vej 26, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
  Tlf. (+45) 38 14 70 00 - Fax (+45) 38 14 70 07

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