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Re: How I got Debian running on my P43-133


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From: WOL - Andreas Plesner Jacobsen <apj@wol.dk> 
on " How I got Debian running on my P43-133 "
date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 01:48:19 +0200 >>>

>Just a little heads-up notice to the bootdisk people:
>My IBM P43-133 _requires_ the Carolina patch found at
>http://www.amberdata.demon.co.uk/carolina/carolina.diff.gz to boot properly.
>If the kernel isn't patched, as the Debian kernel isn't, the kernel floods
>the display with SCSI timeouts and never boots.
>Other than that, my machine also requires the E15 framebuffer enabled,
>if it runs in 80x25, the display will fade in and out continously.
>My workaround was to stick a linuxppc kernel on a floppy and boot that,
>and the use the debian boot disks to boot the rest of the setup.
>It took a while, but now it's there.
>I might open up developer access to that box when I get more disk in it,
>if it is interesting? (It's a 132MHz PPC and 192MB RAM)

Now I works Debian on PowerSeries830.
I make an image to install on IBM PRePs for myself.

It contains a patch of "calorina" and "e15fb".
Installer displays dialogs on screen properly.
And I added "base" files on its installer, and 
make it bootable from CD-ROM.
So it is big, 25MB or so.
Maybe the image only bootloader works well, too.

But the image have a doubt of SCSI drivers.
On Tuesday, I can check it, and I can make more 
perfect bootimage for almost all PReP machines,  
both IBMs and Motorolas.

If other peoples needs this, I will put it on some FTP.
Or only you need this image, I send a mail to you with 
the bootimage.

Best regards.
Kaz Aoshima = Editor of the PReP station
Material development, Faculty of engineering, 
Tohoku University, Japan
#I would appreciate if you could give me suggestions
 for my impolite English expressions.

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