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Re: X Trouble

Andre Berger wrote:
> Edwin Rudolph <stu12915@westga.edu> writes:
> > I just installed potato on my PowerBook and am having some trouble with
> > getting the X server to work right.  I first tried to fire up X with the
> > default FBDev server, and that didn't work at all.

What was the problem?

> > Another thing is the mouse button emulation--doesn't work at all.
> It should work on (left) option 2/3 (not option F2/F3). I had a
> problem using different keys. Though I had mouse button emulation on
> the consoles via BootX arguments and using gpm, on F9/F10 (103,108), the
> same buttons didn't work with X.

This works with an XFree86 server.

> >Other times, the mouse button doesn't do anything--nothing
> > will happen when I click the button. (All of this is of course w/Xpmac).
> May be window manager related. Sawmill is sometimes kinda sluggish;
> flwm is not.

Huh??? I've never had any problem with saw{mill,fish}.

> > BTW, this is (I think) the Wallstreet PB, Mach64 card.
> FYI, PB 3400



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