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X Trouble

I just installed potato on my PowerBook and am having some trouble with
getting the X server to work right.  I first tried to fire up X with the
default FBDev server, and that didn't work at all.  The only way I could
get X going was to use the Xpmac server from LinuxPPC.  Moreover, if I
left the video device box unchecked in BootX, I get 8 bit mode, if I check
it, I can get 32 bit mode.  

Another thing is the mouse button emulation--doesn't work at all.  Even
stranger is that sometimes it seems like the buttons are being pressed
"magically"--as if the computer thought a button was being held down when
it wasn't.  Other times, the mouse button doesn't do anything--nothing
will happen when I click the button. (All of this is of course w/Xpmac).

BTW, this is (I think) the Wallstreet PB, Mach64 card.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks :)

Edwin Rudolph

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