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Re: X Trouble

> > > I just installed potato on my PowerBook and am having some trouble with
> > > getting the X server to work right.  I first tried to fire up X with the
> > > default FBDev server, and that didn't work at all.
> What was the problem?

By default with no config changes, it starts up with a white screen.
Can't see a terminal to begin with.  When you move the mouse, it leaves a
trail of 'X' pointers (this is in 8-bit mode).  The other modes behave a
little differently, but none are usable.

I discovered another interesting thing about the mouse button emulation.
I still do not get the emulation, although the button will not act up
(thinking the button is pressed when it isn't, or the button "sticking")
as root.  Under a normal user, it acts up.  (All of this is w/Xpmac).

This is not a 3400 or a Pismo--it is a 266mhz G3 w/the Mach64 video.  I
thought it was called a Wallstreet.

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