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Re: PowerBook

Brendan Simon wrote:

> Harold G. Stevenson wrote:
> >
> > 2- any suggestions on installing and running debian?
> Get a bootable CD if one exists.   When I installed Debian there was no
> CD available so I _HAD_ to install MacOs on a small partition (1GB), put
> yaboot, the kernel from Ben H and the base2_2.tgz on the Mac partition,
> then use Open Firmware to boot into Linux.  A boot CD is the easiest way.

Don't forget firewire disc mode; it's quite convenient.  The downside is that it
requires a 6-6 pin firewire cable (not standard but still available), and
another Apple firewire machine w/ the newest ROM running MacOS.

AFAIK, Debian hasn't released a bootable cd for ppc yet (although I think you
can still make your own); there do exist bootables from other distros, but then
you have to go through the hassel of getting it setup and then reinstalling;
although it may be easier than using MacOS.

If you have access to a USB or internal zip, you could probably use the
MacOS bootable cd to partition the drive, and then place the necessary files on
the machine w/o actually installing MacOS.....

--Nelson Abramson

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