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Re: Oldworld OF boot questions

Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

> On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 06:34:54PM -0700, Chris Baker wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks, Ethan, that's a good point.  Still, I'd like a solution that
> > works without booting into OF, since my powercenter 132 has a
> > particularly broken implementation thereof.  Maybe it's just a matter
> > of adding nvsetenv to root.bin.  I can just mount it via the loop
> > device and add it, right?
> if there is enough space, the root floppy is VERY tight as it is.  

Maybe I can stand to lose something else in there.  I'm not insisting
that anyone support my ideosyncrasies; I just want to know how to hack
it together myself 8-)

> it would probably be better to integrate nvsetenv into busybox to save
> the overhead of a fully linked executable.  i think it does belong
> there, perhaps for woody where we will hopefully be able to map /dev
> nodes to OF devices. 

I trust you know what you're talking about, since I haven't faintest
idea what this means....

> > I'd still really like to build a floppy that can OF boot.  Does anyone
> > know why this doesn't work?
> you mean a non-miboot floppy?  i think you can do that by putting a

Yes, that's what I meant, but alternatives are welcome.  I don't
really know what miboot is.  I suppose boot-hfs-image (or whatever
it's called) is a miboot floppy, right?  I just did a google search on
miboot, which didn't really come up with much aside from benh's page.
Are there any docs for it lying around?

> COFF format kernel on a floppy and doing a boot fd: or something.  im
> not sure i don't have an oldworld mac to tinker with, and newworlds
> have an annoying lack of a floppy..

Ah!  This is starting to sound familiar.  It needs to be in COFF
format.  How would one make such a thing?  Let me guess: it's a
propriatary Apple format which isn't supported except for some hacked
together binutils from four years ago that everyone would just as soon
forget ever existed.  Am I close?

Many thanks to all, especially Ethan who seems particularly well
informed on this topic,


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