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Re: Oldworld OF boot questions

On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 06:34:54PM -0700, Chris Baker wrote:
> Thanks, Ethan, that's a good point.  Still, I'd like a solution that
> works without booting into OF, since my powercenter 132 has a
> particularly broken implementation thereof.  Maybe it's just a matter
> of adding nvsetenv to root.bin.  I can just mount it via the loop
> device and add it, right?

if there is enough space, the root floppy is VERY tight as it is.  

it would probably be better to integrate nvsetenv into busybox to save
the overhead of a fully linked executable.  i think it does belong
there, perhaps for woody where we will hopefully be able to map /dev
nodes to OF devices. 

> I'd still really like to build a floppy that can OF boot.  Does anyone
> know why this doesn't work?

you mean a non-miboot floppy?  i think you can do that by putting a
COFF format kernel on a floppy and doing a boot fd: or something.  im
not sure i don't have an oldworld mac to tinker with, and newworlds
have an annoying lack of a floppy..

Ethan Benson

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