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Re: Oldworld OF boot questions

Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org> writes:


> > 2.  How do you do clean installs of debian without BootX?  I.e. given
> >     a kernel and ramdisk (and whatever else), how do I do the initial
> >     boot on a linux only system.  I *have* checked the install docs
> >     but they didn't cover this the last time I checked.
> The install docs need a lot of updating.  Once again, I call for
> volunteers - I can edit such a thing, and gladly will, but I don't have
> time to create it!

Sorry, I didn't intend that as criticism :-(

> On an oldworld machine, you can just use the boot-hfs-image.bin (or
> something like that) - it's a Mac-bootable floppy image.  On a

O.k.  I've been playing around with this on my powerbook (which
thankfully has video under OF), and I think I'm almost there.  A few
more questions, and I'll be all set.

The boot-hfs-image floppy works great.  I can type `bye' to boot to
ROM, and it boots the system on the floppy just fine.  But the
installer doesn't have nvsetenv on it, so how do I boot to my
installed system (remember that I'm trying to get rid of the macos
partition here)?  The boot-hfs-image floppy wants the root floppy; is
there some way to get it to mount the root file system off the
harddrive?  I tried to get dbootstrap to make me a boot floppy, but it
says that it isn't supported.  I also tried to boot a rescue floppy,
but OF said it couldn't load it.  I know that it *used* to be possible
to OF boot a floppy, because when I first installed R4 (linuxppc) this
was the only way to reliably boot linux (this was pre-BootX).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :-)



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