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Re: Oldworld OF boot questions

On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 10:32:24PM -0700, Chris Baker wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a powercenter 132 (essentially a 7200), acting as my
> firewall/mailserver, which I finally upgraded to potato from linuxppc
> R5.  I had no end of problems getting openfirmware booting working
> back when I installed R4 on that machine (the keyboard and video
> drivers don't work in OF), and so, when BootX came out, I swore off
> playing around with OF.  These days, that machine is running linux
> 24/7 (it was up 150 days when I rebooted to install potato--and that's
> only because we lost power on new year's eve--it would have been over
> a year otherwise), and I'd like to get rid of macos altogether.  But
> first, a few questions:
> 1.  OF booting became unsupported under linuxppc after R4.  Are there
>     any good technical reasons for this, or can I assume that if I get
>     it to work with my hardware, then it will work for woody and
>     whatever else lies ahead?

They just didn't want to support it, I gather.

> 2.  How do you do clean installs of debian without BootX?  I.e. given
>     a kernel and ramdisk (and whatever else), how do I do the initial
>     boot on a linux only system.  I *have* checked the install docs
>     but they didn't cover this the last time I checked.

The install docs need a lot of updating.  Once again, I call for
volunteers - I can edit such a thing, and gladly will, but I don't have
time to create it!

On an oldworld machine, you can just use the boot-hfs-image.bin (or
something like that) - it's a Mac-bootable floppy image.  On a
newworld, the easiest way is to use a bootable CD; they'll be more
widely available soon.

> Also, if anyone has any pointers for getting of-booting working on
> this type of machine, I'd appreciate it.

The current Quik package should do just fine.


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