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audio killed the debian box

Can someone with an up-to-date 1999 G3 (Lombard) Powerbook please try to 
reproduce a bug I'm seeing?  Load the audio module, and install
mp3blaster.  'sync' and try to play any mp3 (e.g. URL: 
http://locke.surfsouth.com/~cmiller/vktrs  == Video Killed the Radio Star, 
by Pres. U. S. of A.) .

I can play .au, and I can play mp3 with 'mpg123', but 'mp3blaster'
tickles a null-pointer deref in the kernel, and does The Big Ugly.  The
Oops looks funny (maybe 'cause I'm accustomed to IA32 and AXP), and I want
to see if it's my hardware. 

						- chad

Chad Miller <cmiller@surfsouth.com>   URL: http://web.chad.org/   (GPG)
"Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced".
First corollary to Clarke's Third Law (Jargon File, v4.2.0, 'magic')

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