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Re: XFree86 4.0 binaries

Tom Rini wrote:

> Nope.  Right now in 2.3.99preX (and for a while before) all usb mice look the
> same.  With the evdev stuff, usb stuff looks even more the same (no more
> keycode translations).  BTW, type "auto" doesn't seem to be too happy anywhere
> (friend of mine on x86 warned me against using it, it didn't work when i tried)
> As Jack Howarths page says, mouse type should be "IMPS/2" still.

Yes.  Setting the mouse option to "imps/2" works on my G4.  I thought the docs for
Xfree86 4.0 said that PS/2 is not supported for Linux (or was that Linux98 ?).  I
guess it doesn't matter too much at this stage but it is confusing when the
required configuration options contradict the docs.

> > > Do I need a kernel parameter option ? ie. video=.... ?
> > No, I assume you're already using aty128fb.

I didn't have any video options set.  I set video=aty128fb in yaboot.conf but it
doesn't make any difference.  I get the bright green screen.  When I change video
modes with ctrl-alt-+ I can see that the resolution changes but the background
turns to purple.  All modes now have a purple background.  I'm lost at what to try
now.  Maybe I should try with the option "novideo" ?

I am running in runlevel 2 and "ps aux" shows that xdm is running.  Is this a
problem ?
Also things like startx don't work.  This is a script which calls xinit which must
be from XFree86 version 3 and hence doesn't understand the new XF86Config file.
Am I better off trying to use xpmac of devfb servers instead of XFree86 version
4.0 server ?  I think I'd prefer to persevere with 4.0 but I must get it running
on my Powerbook with the Rage 128 Mobility chipset.

> Double check this in dmesg tho.  It should autodetect the right chipset, but
> you can never be too careful.

It reports the right chipset.

Brendan Simon.

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