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Re: XFree86 4.0 binaries

On Tue, May 09, 2000 at 05:44:33PM +0200, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Brendan J Simon wrote:
> > The X server does get further on the G4.  It recognises the video
> > chip fine but it gets stuck with the pointer and keyboard devices.
> > I went to the XFree86 Australian mirror and read the online documentation
> > for 4.0.  It says for USB mouse to use either "usb" or "auto" protocols.  
> But that's for PCs. Aren't mouse and keyboard abstracted on the new Macs to
> look like 'standard' ones?

Nope.  Right now in 2.3.99preX (and for a while before) all usb mice look the
same.  With the evdev stuff, usb stuff looks even more the same (no more 
keycode translations).  BTW, type "auto" doesn't seem to be too happy anywhere
(friend of mine on x86 warned me against using it, it didn't work when i tried)
As Jack Howarths page says, mouse type should be "IMPS/2" still.

> > Do I need a kernel parameter option ? ie. video=.... ?
> No, I assume you're already using aty128fb.

Double check this in dmesg tho.  It should autodetect the right chipset, but
you can never be too careful.

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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