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Re: XFree86 4.0 binaries

Michel Dänzer wrote:

> > How recent a kernel do I need ?  One from CVS ?
> > I am using the one from Ben H's site (vmlinux-2.2.15pre14).
> For a mach64 chip, you might need a 2.3.x kernel - don't know exactly.
> But as you have a Rage128, it doesn't matter, you can use the fbdev driver
> (until r128 recognizes your chip) with the correct bus ID.
> > I'll try the server on our G4 and see how that goes.
> Should be pleasant. :)"

I hope so.  The X server does get further on the G4.  It recognises the video
chip fine but it gets stuck with the pointer and keyboard devices.
I went to the XFree86 Australian mirror and read the online documentation for
4.0.  It says for USB mouse to use either "usb" or "auto" protocols.  The server
does not recognise "usb" and dies.  It does recognise "auto" but the mouse does
not work.  I get an awful bright green background with the normal X cursor stuck
in the middle of the screen.
Do I need a kernel parameter option ? ie. video=.... ?

The keyboard section in XF86Config has "XkbModel" set to "amiga" and the
"XkbLayout" set to "de_CH".  There is no documentation (that I could find on the
Australian mirror) on these options.  I set the XkbModel to "mac" and the
XkbLayout to "en_AU".  Are these options OK (I doubt it as I guessed these) ?
Where can I find more info on these options ?

BTW: Does the option "UseFBDev" in the Rage128 Device section make the server use
the fbdev driver ?

Brendan Simon.

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