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Re: enlightenment_0.16.3-6.deb for ppc

On Fri, Jan 28, 2000 at 09:19:22AM +0000, Sergio Brandano wrote:
> Adam,
> I wrote:
> >>  ... by the way, yes it is *unstable*, I know it. But this must not
> >>  necessarily imply that it *must* crash, right?
> >>  Shall we conclude that ``frozen'' is, de facto, a synonym for
> >>  ``unstable''? Or shall frozen better contain the 0.16.3-6 packages?
> you replied:
> > It should not be considered stable until it is called so.  Wait
> > another month or two.
> I think we should get back to what ``frozen'' means at this point.
> It is properly the collection of all packages that will be released as
> Debian 2.2 in about two monts. As such, although there is no guarantee

Stop arguing about this.

Did you try building the packages yourself ? You said me that it don't work
for you.

So did you fill a bugt report against enlightenment ? If yes how long ago was

If you didn't do that, you cannot hope that the package gets fixed for you.

For what frozen means, frozen is simply the state of the archive now, that no
new package gets in. IT is a time for fixing all bugs, and if enlightenment -7
don't build, it is a bug, and the BTS should be told. 

Sure it would be nice if the autbobuilder sends a daily report of all packages
that failed to build or something such, but dan promized a list of problematic
packages soon.



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