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Re: enlightenment_0.16.3-6.deb for ppc

Sergio Brandano wrote:

> >sure, that is the problem. Because of the i386 package all binary all -6
> >packages got erased, making enlightenment uninstallable on powerpc.
>  Great. This enforces my original messages:
> > As this happened before for other packages, I would say that, in
> > principle, it is not a good thing to deliver the X-Y+1 edition of
> > minor parts (themes, in this case) exept the main program, which is
> > still version X-Y, so to screw up the whole thing. I understand that
> > this is a potato, but at least give people the possibility to chose
> > between screwing up and leave things as they are until better times.
>  Just make available the old distribution please!!!

I have this problem all the time on ppc, alpha, sparc and arm (yes, I'm running
potato on all of these, and may soon bring up my old Amiga on Debian m68k! :-).
This is one of those times when one throws up the hands and says, "that's why
they call it *unstable*".

If this were earlier in the release cycle, I'd say next time it's built for ppc,
get it and then hold the _all packages.  But it's so late, the next time may be
the last time- unless this ppc build bug is real.


-Adam P.

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