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Re: PowerPC Kernel installs


while on the subject of kernel install's and quik, I thought i would bring up that newworld macs (ie all the colored ones) don't work with quik, and therefore really should not try and use it.

these machines instead require a small bootstrap partition with an HFS filesystem containing yaboot and its configuration file (and a OF CHRP wrapper to satisfy OF's default settings) this partition should be type Apple_Bootstrap to avoid macos from messing with it.

assuming yaboot 0.5 is used and its configuration is set to point at the kernel symlink /vmlinux or /boot/vmlinux yaboot or its config file need not be updated on kernel upgrades as it knows how to read ext2 filesystems and will now follow the symlinks to whereever they point. (unless it crossed partitions i would assume)

as I have mentioned before I have written scripts that the user can use to setup and update a bootstrap partition, these scripts are capable of making a newworld mac OF bootable even when leaving OF at its default configuration, assuming you use the internal apple supplied hard disk and the bootstrap partition appears before any macos partitions that may exist.

my scripts do however depend on hfsutils to at the very least create the hfs filesystem and the bootstrap partition will only work with default OF configuration if hfsutils are used. (there are some things that simply cannot be done with the kernel space hfs driver) so currently the bootstrap partition cannot be set up with a base system install... the utilities from hfsutils that are required are: hformat, hmount, humount (this one I could live with out if i made the check for it optional, it really does not do much) hcopy, and hattrib.

my scripts are here:

Ethan Benson
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