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Re: How did you get X running in Debian PowerPC?

On Sat, Jan 15, 2000 at 11:23:43AM +0100, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> > >    In general, how did the people with running Debian ppc boxes manage
> > > to get X up and running? I still can't get Xpmac to work, and if I
> > > switch to XF68_FBDev, there's no tool to generate a valid XF86Config file
> > > I could find. Since Debian PowerPC is about to get released very soon,
> > > I'm sure there must a solution somewhere that is planned. Thanks,
> > 
> > We copy-and-edit /usr/doc/xserver-common/examples/XF86Config.eg by hand, afetr
> > reading the manpage for XF86Config.
> We have no xserver configure program in this release. A new xserver package (in one
> of the next days) will put an 'generic' XF86Config file into /etc/X11 for fbdev. 
> I hope we will have one for the next release, which shouldn't be far away after this one.
> I think we have not fixed all bugs or features and other bad things, but we have done
> our best in the last two years (in our spare time). 
> Debian migrates very slowly for end-user or the desktop-market useability, but we do it
> in the right way (TM)  :-)

Err, ...

the 3.3.6 server don't build out of the box, breaking when linking the xnest
server (what do we need this for), but i have difficulties building it,
because with my 570MB partition, i could not build it without erasing stuff
whil compilation was working. I will provide a patch, or even a proper -1.1
package to have it compiling fine, but could someone do the actual build
somewhere else. powerpc.debian.org seems unreachable this days.

I will add also some patches provided to me by Kostas Gewrgiou, relative to
dpms support and the kbdrate problem.

I will try to provide a XF86Config installation stuff also, but until now i
received a XF86Config file only for bronze powerbooks, if i remember well.



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