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Re: How did you get X running in Debian PowerPC?

> >    In general, how did the people with running Debian ppc boxes manage
> > to get X up and running? I still can't get Xpmac to work, and if I
> > switch to XF68_FBDev, there's no tool to generate a valid XF86Config file
> > I could find. Since Debian PowerPC is about to get released very soon,
> > I'm sure there must a solution somewhere that is planned. Thanks,
> We copy-and-edit /usr/doc/xserver-common/examples/XF86Config.eg by hand, afetr
> reading the manpage for XF86Config.

We have no xserver configure program in this release. A new xserver package (in one
of the next days) will put an 'generic' XF86Config file into /etc/X11 for fbdev. 

I hope we will have one for the next release, which shouldn't be far away after this one.

I think we have not fixed all bugs or features and other bad things, but we have done
our best in the last two years (in our spare time). 

Debian migrates very slowly for end-user or the desktop-market useability, but we do it
in the right way (TM)  :-)



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