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Re: How did you get X running in Debian PowerPC?

> > Unfortunately, the feeling out there seems to be that Debian PowerPC
> > is at best unstable and only for pionners, and at worse that it's
> > hacked on a LinuxPPC distribution.
> Well, LinuxPPC is the distribution that's "hacked on" top of someone
> else's: Red Hat.  We may have borrowed code here and there from Red
> Hat, but I doubt we've used much of anything from LinuxPPC.  I think
> we may have butchered up some of their Netscape packages at times,
> though ;-)

Right; for more then two years we used it only to boot some machines. 
After that we used our own packages and sources and worked on glibc-2.1
and not on libc-1.99. Now after two year intensiv fixing and compiling
we have a real good debian system for powerpc. 

On my own machine all redhat/linuxppc packages were gone after two
months with a pure debian-glibc2.1 system (Jan. - March 1998). 

BUT: please no distribution war here; 



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