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Re: How did you get X running in Debian PowerPC?

On Sat, Jan 15, 2000 at 11:22:17AM -0800, John Labovitz wrote:
> Renaud Dreyer <rdreyer@math.berkeley.edu> said:
> >    In general, how did the people with running Debian ppc boxes manage
> > to get X up and running? I still can't get Xpmac to work, and if I
> > switch to XF68_FBDev, there's no tool to generate a valid XF86Config file
> > I could find. Since Debian PowerPC is about to get released very soon,
> > I'm sure there must a solution somewhere that is planned. Thanks,
> i installed debianppc without boot disks, but instead used linuxppc as
> a base and did some very strange things to get it working.  but it
> works now.
> i used linuxppc's Xautoconfig to generate an initial XF86Config.  in
> linuxppc, the idea is that you run this every time you boot, and you
> *never* actually write your own XF86Config.  Xautoconfig looks at the
> frame-buffer settings, keyboard & mouse settings, a few other magic

using mode "default" in your XF86Config will use your current framebuffer
setting automatically.



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