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Re: Debian Linux/PPC on G3.

You wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 05, 2000 at 08:56:17AM +0000, FASSINO Jean-Philippe wrote:
> > 
> >    Brendan J Simon wrote:
> >      I was going to go for a G3 DVD Special Edition but I think that a
> >      G4
> >      machine is more suitable.  Out of the 3 Linux/PPC distributions
> >      (YellowDog, LinuxPPC and Debian), I would prefer to run Debian.
> >      Mainly
> >      because I would like to also run Debian on my Intel machines and it
> >      would be easier to maintain them all if they were in sync (ie. all
> >      running the same distribution and version.  ie. potato) as apposed
> >      to
> >      running RedHat on my Intel machines and YellowDog or LinuxPPC on my
> >      powerpc machines.  Having said that, people on various mailing
> >      lists say
> >      that both LinuxPPC is the easiest to install, closely followed by
> >      YellowDog and Debian bringing up the rear.  I don't mind put some
> >      extra
> >      work during installation for Debian as it is supposed to have a
> >      great
> >      package management facility (better that redhat rpms ?).
> The powerpc install is a little rough around the edges.  You can either
> use the linuxppc install and dump debian over it (painful to do, but it
> works), or try the bootdisks; I don't know what state they're in right
> now for powermac.

I agree. It was the only solution for me.
I just did it on a Powerbook G3 starting from a Yellowdog full install.
(Yellowdog is recommended for Powerbook G3, according to LinuxPPC)

Considering the large size of ide disks today, the simplest method
is to create two large partitions, one to use for the Yellowdog/LinuxPPC
normal installation and the other one to download Debian-Base.

Then you insert the missing configuration in Debian-Base (network and
keyboard information), until you can reboot and run dselect/apt/...,
to install your packages.

When your choice is made, mute the other partition in "user partition"

Using the same swap partition for both works fine.

Olivier Perret -=- perret@pasteur.fr

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