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Re: Debian Linux/PPC on G4.

On 5/1/2000 Brendan J Simon wrote:

Would it be better to go for a G3 DVD Special Edition or a G4 server ?
I prefer G4 if the OS is stable and configuring things like X and
networking isn't too painful.

I would go for the G3, BenH tells me 2.2.14 proper includes all the patches except the backported USB, G4's still require more patches, the G3's are probably going to be more stable under GNU/Linux then the G4s since work has been going on to support the G3s for over a year.

Do I need MacOS installed.  I will probably install it at first.  I may
blow it away at a later stage if it is not needed.  How much partition
space should I reserve for a reasonable (not too bloated) MacOS
installation ?

thanks to yaboot <http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/test.html> you will NOT have to have MacOS installed. when you do you partitioning create 1 extra 800K partition of type Apple_BootStrap (actually Apple_Boot will suffice) and you can then put an HFS filesystem on it and install yaboot there. I am currently finishing up some script to make installing/updating yaboot a similar experience to LILO (ie edit .conf run lilo and your done)

the tricky thing at the moment is bootstrapping these suckers, eventually it hopefully will be possible to boot a CD into linux and do everything you need to do there, but for now you might have to boot macos to set up some stuff, but once you were done installing you could change the partition type back to the linux type and run mke2fs on it.

Ethan Benson
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