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Re: Debian Linux/PPC on G4.

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On Wed, Jan 05, 2000 at 08:56:17AM +0000, FASSINO Jean-Philippe wrote:
>    Brendan J Simon wrote:
>      I was going to go for a G3 DVD Special Edition but I think that a
>      G4
>      machine is more suitable.  Out of the 3 Linux/PPC distributions
>      (YellowDog, LinuxPPC and Debian), I would prefer to run Debian.
>      Mainly
>      because I would like to also run Debian on my Intel machines and it
>      would be easier to maintain them all if they were in sync (ie. all
>      running the same distribution and version.  ie. potato) as apposed
>      to
>      running RedHat on my Intel machines and YellowDog or LinuxPPC on my
>      powerpc machines.  Having said that, people on various mailing
>      lists say
>      that both LinuxPPC is the easiest to install, closely followed by
>      YellowDog and Debian bringing up the rear.  I don't mind put some
>      extra
>      work during installation for Debian as it is supposed to have a
>      great
>      package management facility (better that redhat rpms ?).

The powerpc install is a little rough around the edges.  You can either
use the linuxppc install and dump debian over it (painful to do, but it
works), or try the bootdisks; I don't know what state they're in right
now for powermac.

>      How stable is the Debian Linux/PPC port ?
>    I think the port is very stable (may be better than on i386 !).
>    I have just small reproach for Debian/Potato on PPC :
>        - not using the glibc 2.1.3 (which is on LinuxPPC),

There is no glibc 2.1.3!  We're using the latest available, straight
out of CVS.

>        - not install last version of program (ex: Netscape 4.7),

Coming in the next few days, I am told.

>        - not contain JDK1.X,

True.  No one who cares enough about the non-free JDK has put in the
effort yet.

>        - and finally not contain Xpmac (Xpmac is bas but is useful)

Obsolete, not to mention bloody painful to compile.

>      When is Potato actually going to be released ?
>    Yes, when ?

Freeze is within two weeks; I'm told we're aiming for a release in a
month or two.

>      Do I need MacOS installed.  I will probably install it at first.  I
>      may
>      blow it away at a later stage if it is not needed.  How much
>      partition
>      space should I reserve for a reasonable (not too bloated) MacOS
>      installation ?
>    Yes you need macOS to boot, but 250Mo could be enough.
>    RQ : Linux does not have DVD player, you must use MacOS for that !

Not on all machines, you don't.  I believe the G4's can boot without it
(yaboot?) but I'm not quite sure.


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