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Debian Linux/PPC on G4.

I am in the process of buying a PowerMac to be used as a
compile/development server in our company.  Everyone uses MSWin here but
I have convinced the boss to purchase a PowerPC machine to run linux so
that we can develop code for a powerpc embedded system.

I was going to go for a G3 DVD Special Edition but I think that a G4
machine is more suitable.  Out of the 3 Linux/PPC distributions
(YellowDog, LinuxPPC and Debian), I would prefer to run Debian.  Mainly
because I would like to also run Debian on my Intel machines and it
would be easier to maintain them all if they were in sync (ie. all
running the same distribution and version.  ie. potato) as apposed to
running RedHat on my Intel machines and YellowDog or LinuxPPC on my
powerpc machines.  Having said that, people on various mailing lists say
that both LinuxPPC is the easiest to install, closely followed by
YellowDog and Debian bringing up the rear.  I don't mind put some extra
work during installation for Debian as it is supposed to have a great
package management facility (better that redhat rpms ?).

How stable is the Debian Linux/PPC port ?

When is Potato actually going to be released ?

Would it be better to go for a G3 DVD Special Edition or a G4 server ?
I prefer G4 if the OS is stable and configuring things like X and
networking isn't too painful.

Do I need MacOS installed.  I will probably install it at first.  I may
blow it away at a later stage if it is not needed.  How much partition
space should I reserve for a reasonable (not too bloated) MacOS
installation ?

Brendan Simon.

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