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Re: slang1 (<< 1.3) weirdness

>>>>> "MS" == Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com> writes:

    MS> This is an odd dependency problem I've been seeing lately from
    MS> slang1:

    MS> lynx-ssl depends on slang1 (<< 1.3) bb depends on slang1 (<<
    MS> 1.3) libggi-target-aa depends on slang1 (<< 1.3) urlview
    MS> depends on slang1 (<< 1.3) gimp depends on slang1 (<< 1.3)

    MS> I realize this is an old version of slang1.  I upgraded to
    MS> 1.3.9 just now and get the same dependency problem (though I
    MS> expected it this time).  Which leads to the next
    MS> question... how do I resolve this?  Do gimp, et al really
    MS> depend on an old version of slang1?

I filed a whole slew of bug reports on this very problem.  Some of
the less important ones (aalib, aalib-bin, maybe pdmenu) have been
fixed, but I haven't heard a word from the maintainers of some of
the other packages (notably gimp).  Another bad thing here is that
the current version of debconf also depends on things that depend
on the newer version of slang1, meaning I can't upgrade debconf.

By the way, I discovered this problem when I tried to upgrade
auctex, which now depends on debconf, which depends on the newer

This problem is similar to those I saw when I'd do an apt-get
upgrade -- packages get updated that cause others to be removed,
leading to potential disasters.  Would it make sense to have a
source for older packages so people can fix their machines after
upgrades break them?

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