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Re: slang1 (<< 1.3) weirdness

>>>>>> "MS" == Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com> writes:
>    MS> I realize this is an old version of slang1.  I upgraded to
>    MS> 1.3.9 just now and get the same dependency problem (though I
>    MS> expected it this time).  Which leads to the next
>    MS> question... how do I resolve this?  Do gimp, et al really
>    MS> depend on an old version of slang1?

C.M. Connelly wrote:
>I filed a whole slew of bug reports on this very problem.  Some of
>the less important ones (aalib, aalib-bin, maybe pdmenu) have been

Um, a bug report? Let's keep this in perspective. Potato is the *unstable*
Debian tree (use at your own risk, etc.). From what I can tell, the
volunteers on the PowerPC team are doing a phenomenal job. Especially
since, well, like I said -- they're volunteers. Sure, it's annoying that
the packages aren't always compatable, but that's just because no one has
gotten around to recompiling them yet. That's less of a bug and more of a
"feature" of using unstable software. This will happen less frequently as
they get closer to release.

What I suggest is looking through the list of Debian ftp mirrors on the web
site and look for one that hasn't been updated in a month or two. You
should be able to find an older version of slang there that will work with
The Gimp.

Nathan Olsen

"It is our nature to put all knowledge into context in order to tell
a story, and to re-create the world by this means."

                     --Edward O. Wilson, _Consilience_

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