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Re: Perl vs Apache -- dpkg loses

On Wed, Aug 11, 1999 at 01:04:01PM -0600, Jeremiah Merkl wrote:
> I was just hoping that someone who knew for sure would be able to reply.
> I'm assuming if the autobuilder fails to build a package, SOMEone gets
> notified. Then the question becomes, who does anything get done about
> it. :)

 Hartmut Koptein does that i believe... I think that sometimes i could help
with a few packages but i have rather limited free time and really don't know
if i should become debian developer just to make one or two small changes
here and there

> >  just downgrade to apache_1.3.6-13 and all should be well
> That was the problem...I couldn't if I wanted the package for
> libcgi-perl installed...

 if libcgi-perl causes so much trouble just download source version (using
debget f.ex) and build just that package on your current system.This should
overcome the problem (just change deb package version in the debian/changelog
file so Your package will be different from the Debian package). Doing it this 
way You don't have to worry about things beeing put int the right place. You
just  install deb =o))

 I;m using this method almost all the time and so far i didn't make apt to
spit error messages =o))

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