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Re: Lombard


> Please, what is the status for this machine?

Well, I managed to install debian 2.2 (potato) via CDs in July, for
the Lombard G3 powerbook. The system works, but not the internal
ethernet. Perhaps the latest kernel (linux_2_2) source at the vger CVS
repository, see http://cvs.on.openprojects.net/, fixes that.

I used YACS 0.2 to prepare the CD images of the Debian powperpc
binaries. Note that YACS 0.3 is now available.  See:


> Where are the instructions for installing the system?

See http://www.debian.org/~wmono/powerpc/

In Part 4, at 6, after:

  Fix libc6: apt-get install libc6

I found that the sequence:

  apt-get install libncurses4

followed by

  apt-get install bash

Works just fine...



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