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Re: Dead modem, and other newbie install gripes

Hartmut Koptein wrote:

> Moin,
> > > > Thanks very much, got it successfully (though for others wishing to use it, it
> depends
> > > > on perl-5.004, so it can't be used with newer perl5-dependent packages).
> > >
> > > I put the new ssh in some minutes on http://powerpc.debian.org/~koptein/nonus
> >
> > I tried this deb, but it gave "gzip: unexpected end of file" when installing. :-(  Oh,
> but
> > this was reading the deb from an hfs partition, downloaded by Netscape/MacOS, I wonder if
> > that had something to do with it?  I'll try downloading using lynx in Debian.
> Yes do it again; you downloaded the package during i'm uploading it. :-)

Thanks, worked the second time.

> > And has anyone had trouble with fetchmail lately?  I just updated everything yesterday,
> > including exim, and fetchmail hasn't worked since.
> If you have
> set daemon 120    (or another value)
> in your .fetchmailrc, then comment it out (for testing)
> #set daemon 120
> and start fetchmail again to see what happens.

Okay, I don't have set daemon, I use -d when I want to use it that way.  Fetchmail starts,
contacts the POP server, gets the status, starts to download the first message, and when it
prints the first "." it hangs.  Sorry, should have clarified this in the last message.

Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Adam C. Powell wrote:
> > A couple of other questions (sorry for the barrage!): how do I get buttons 2 and 3 on a
> > 1-button ADB mouse?  left/right option-click and option-2/3 (both from LinuxPPC) don't
> > work, even with "Buttons 1" in the XFree86Config Pointer section, and I can't paste with
> > gdm.
> Kernel command line option
>     adb_buttons=58,52
> for the 2 keys on the right of the spacebar. Works on the Powerbook G3 of my
> sister (no, her notebook is at least 3000 km for here).

Thanks very much!


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