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Re: Dead modem, and other newbie install gripes

Hello again,

After a fresh install this past Saturday, the modem works again.  Never
figured out why it broke, oh well.  Also, it's cool how fast perl
packages were updated!

A couple of questions (system: StarMax 3000/160, Sunday's 2.2.10
powermac kernel image deb, atyfb):

   * When I try to mount /floppy, I get "/dev/fd0: not a valid block
   * Where is eject?  How can I eject the floppy (without a paperclip)?
   * Is FB Overflow a known problem?  I get when switching consoles away
     from one with a network app scrolling the screen, e.g. fetchmail or
     apt.  Happens in offb or atyfb, vmode 17 or 18.
   * I did something stupid, and now /bin/hostname doesn't work.  I put
     something in /etc/hostname when installing, but I'm on ppp, so I
     shouldn't have a hostname.  Now /bin/hostname returns the error
     "Can't get hostname".  I've been doing dumb things like "mv
     /bin/hostname /bin/hostname.bak; echo 'echo localhost' >
     /bin/hostname; chmod +x /bin/hostname" just to get stuff to work,
     but not everything does.  How can I make it work again?  I really
     don't want to reinstall...
   * Xfb doesn't work (cursor on white screen), but it gives the error
     from /bin/hostname, so I think it's trying to send everything to a
     bogus display.

Thanks in advance,

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