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installation questions (device names, Apus, etc)

We have here two PowerMac 7200s (lent me for a month or two for
investigating Debian on ppc) and a Umax Apus 2000 (lent me for a day or
two for installing Linux on). We managed to install Debian on another
PowerMac 7200 without much difficulty, though this was through installing
a minimal LinuxPPC (rpms) first (actually, we spent four days even
managing to reinstall MacOS to install ethernet drivers, but that's
another story).

The 7200s don't want to boot via TFTP/BOOTP due to having extra ethernet
cards (whose drivers mess with the firmware), so the only real option is
to boot off floppies. Booting off floppies seems to be very unreliable:
sometimes the same disk behaves differently.

I've downloaded a lot of the stuff from 

What am I supposed to do with this stuff? Untarring
pmacinstall.tar.gz. gives me a directory with
install-floppy-hfs.img in it. dding it onto a floppy and doing
boot fd:linux doesn't help. I get:

unrecognised Client Program formatstate not valid

As regards the Apus, I can't seem to boot that either. I've downloaded
bootprep.bin from master.debian.org/~porter, and saved it in the root
directory of the MacOS root filesystem, which is on what Linux would call

I assume I want something like:
setenv boot-device ata/ATA-Disk@0:0
setenv boot-file ata/ATA-Disk@0:7/apus4 root=/dev/hda5

where /dev/hda5 is an ext2 formatted Linux partition, and apus4 is
bootprep.bin? Doesn't the file need to be XCOFF?

Is the colon in 0:0 meant to be a comma?

Am I correct in thinking that there is some special "bootable" flag which
has to be set on partitions?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)



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