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Re: missing errno.h in some packages ... ?

On Thu, Feb 11, 1999 at 09:46:47PM +0100, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> > Is there other packages that have this problems ? i guess there are some that
> > the autobuilder FAILS for, is there someone who checks regularly the failures
> > of the autobuilder ?
> *lol*  of cource!  This a 'full-daytime-job' for me!  The autobuilder logs all in
> /project/Logs/* on tervola. 
> The procedure is that the autobuilder fetch new files, compiles it and send me
> the compile-log (and an copy to /project/Logs/*); i give him then an 'ok' or not. 
> The 'ok' is the pgp-sined changes file -- also per e-mail back to the autobuilder. 
> I've installed the new official glibc-2.1 on tervola. g++ is now broken for the
> libstdc++ file  and also the x-libs are broken  (popen@@GLIBC-2.0 reference error).
> egcs and xfree must be recompiled. egcs-2.91-60-5 and egcs-2.93.06 complains
> about 'no per-host'. Should be easy. 
> And xfree: i looked today into our Incoming for Sven's xfree- but it isn't
> there anymore. (shit!!!)
> Sven: could you upload the xfree sources to tervola, please? I'll compile it then.

All my X packages are also available under :


including the .dsc, the .diff.gz and the unsigned .changes file (the only thing
faulting is the .orig.tar.gz, as it is very big (X is over 40MB, but you know
that). You can get it from the standard X sites ...

i will also try to upload them on tervola, where do i put them once there ?



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