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Re: missing errno.h in some packages ... ?

> Is there other packages that have this problems ? i guess there are some that
> the autobuilder FAILS for, is there someone who checks regularly the failures
> of the autobuilder ?

*lol*  of cource!  This a 'full-daytime-job' for me!  The autobuilder logs all in
/project/Logs/* on tervola. 

The procedure is that the autobuilder fetch new files, compiles it and send me
the compile-log (and an copy to /project/Logs/*); i give him then an 'ok' or not. 

The 'ok' is the pgp-sined changes file -- also per e-mail back to the autobuilder. 

I've installed the new official glibc-2.1 on tervola. g++ is now broken for the
libstdc++ file  and also the x-libs are broken  (popen@@GLIBC-2.0 reference error).
egcs and xfree must be recompiled. egcs-2.91-60-5 and egcs-2.93.06 complains
about 'no per-host'. Should be easy. 

And xfree: i looked today into our Incoming for Sven's xfree- but it isn't
there anymore. (shit!!!)

Sven: could you upload the xfree sources to tervola, please? I'll compile it then.

If someone like it to work on broken glibc-2.1 packages ... let me know it !! We
have enough of them  :-)  Or he/she can do NMU's for all outstandig glibc-2.1 bugs,
there are enough in the BTS -- ok, this is not really an option.



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